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Über 3000 WordPress Webseiten benutzen blogVault für ihre Backups.


blogVault is the safest WordPress Backup service. We backup every aspect of your WordPress Site including plugins, themes, widgets, files, images and database.

“this was a lifesaver. I really, really appreciate it!” – Chris Moriarty


Wordpress backup of your site is done automatically everyday. Everyday, we fetch all the new data from your wordpress site to our servers, and create a copy on our server. Not only that, your wordpress backup gets backed up as well! We also make multiple copies of your data onto the extremely safe and reliable Amazon S3 service.
What also sets blogVault apart from other backing up services is the ease with each site can be restored from a backed up version. When a need arises in unforeseen circumstances, it is a single click auto restore mechanism and your wordpress site is back like it was never gone! You dont need to read through lengthy user manuals and remember procedural details. This is as simple as it gets.
And if you would feel safer and better, getting real time help, we are there to support you 24×7. Founder of blogVault is only an email/skype message away!


What Our Customers Say!

  • Your customer service is outstanding. I hope you’re a millionaire soon. 

    Kathy Williams | Easy Event Hosting


blogVault is a self sufficient WordPress Backup tool.

No more emails. No more Dropbox. No more FTP.


blogVault has its own servers where it keeps the wordpress backups. Additionally we make many copies of the data in different data centers using the amazing Amazon S3 service. This means that you do not have to worry about large attachments in your email account or managing your Dropbox or setting up your own amazon s3 account. We are a one stop shop for your complete backup needs.


Why do we need WordPress Backup?


Our sites or blogs are some of our most precious belongings. It takes tremendous love and effort to build one, and we want to protect it against any mishap that can occur. There are many things that can go wrong with a wordpress site:

1. Server failure – The server running the site can crash. This can cause all the data on that server to be lost forever. This happens much more often than one would guess. Backups can help recover from these situations.

2. WordPress hacked – WordPress like any other software in the world is prone to hackers. These hackers exploit weaknesses on the various aspects of the site for fun and profit. The motive of fun is very difficult to understand. Hackers find joy in causing damage to sites world over. They treat it as a demonstration of their intelligence and power.

Other hackers hack sites for profit. Your site is a precious resource on the internet with a loyal audience. Hackers use tricky means to either harm your audience or to profit in other ways. One of these ways to utilize your site’s google ranking to boost thir own site.

Exploits are best handled by being very attentive to the new releases of the WordPress software. One should upgrade the WordPress install, plugins and themes regularly. Beyond this, wordpress backup ensures that even if a hacker does hit your site, you do not lose any data.

3. Bad plugins

Sometimes, you may install a plugin which is bad. It corrupts your database, or just breaks your wordpress. In other cases, your site becomes extremely slow due to a plugin. Or maybe the layout went completely haywire. Debugging and recovering from such situations is difficult. The easer thing might be to just recover from the wordpress backup, if you have one handy.

4. Failed upgrades

Whenever you are upgrading your wordpress install or any plugin, one of the requirements is to backup all data. This is provided for good reason, as things can go wrong. You can have plugin incompatibilities or even theme incompatibilities. This can cause your entire site to crash. WordPress Backups here will ensure that you are not left scampering around for solutions.

5. Catastrophes

Fire, data center failure, floods, etc.

6.  Human error

Deleting posts, plugins, etc by mistake


WordPress backup should be offsite.


Backups need to be done on a location which is separate from your core server. Above we have described the issues that your site can face. You can face fires, hard disk crash, hackers, thefts etc. The only way to cover against these is by have backups which are remote and not local. blogVault backs up your wordpress site, not only on our servers but also on to the reliable amazon s3 servers.

A WordPress Backup is only as good as its restore.

A backup is useful only when you need to restore it. Do you know how to restore from a backup when things go wrong? Do you know the steps you need to execute. Do you need to be a technical god to be accomplish this?

blogVault is not only fantastic at creating a wordpress backup but is equally good at doing a restore. It provides an amazing auto-restore tool which means that you no longer need to copy files, use phpmyadmin, fiddle around with cpanel or anything like that. We make it really simple to restore your site. The following 1-minute video shows how easy we make the restores.

Test Restore of the WordPress Backup

Like mentioned above wordpress backups are only useful once you need to restore them. They are like an insurance policy. But what good is an insurance policy if you are not sure it can help you in case of a backup. Other WordPress Backup tools work like these black box tools which do their magic and produce a zip file. Now there is just no way of validating whether the backup is any good.

blogVault has this amazing functionality which lets you restore your site from the backup temporarily on our servers. What this means is that now you can check if the backup is perfect or not. Here is a short video which shows you our test-restore functionality.

Time Machine.

blogVault keeps different versions of your site for the past 30 days. So you can revert back to a backup from any old version at any time. So now if your site gets hacked you do not need to worry about this overwriting your wordpress backup.

Automatic backups every day

Everyday at a fixed time blogvault automatically backs up all the data on your site and copies it to our secure servers.

blogVault does not use much resources on your server.

We only fetch incremental data so we put minimal load on your site. This is unlike any other WordPress Backup plugin out there. How do we do this? We scan your site and take a fingerprint of your current site. We then compare it with the fingerprint of your last backup. Once this is done, we only fetch the parts of the site that have changed since the last backup.

Unlike other wordpress backup plugins, we do not litter your site with backup files which are large and use up all your space. A wordpress backup plugin works by copying every file in your site right onto your own server. Now if you have two plugins doing wordpress backup for safety, each one will create a copy of the backup file created by the other plugin, and then store it back into the same server. This leads to a snowball which then makes your server very difficult to manage. You will need to manually delete files. To do a restore you will need to now fetch a very large file from your server. This can be multiple GBs in size. This will take forever.

When you do a restore from such a backup file, you will need to manually move these files to another server. Copying such a large file to another server can be very difficult again. Then the next question to answer will be what to do once you have such a large file.

Monitoring dashboard

Our team monitors the backup status of every blog. We check if the database, files have been backed up correctly. We have a special control panel which lets us monitor the backup progress of every site. In case we ever notice any anomalies, we diagnose the exact reason, contact the site owner and ensure that the backup proceeds smoothly. In case the site owner needs assistance, we are always there to help.

Get specific version of a file

You can also see the various versions of the files over time, and the recover specific files.

Why are we better than a free wordpress backup plugin?

1> We are a complete service and not a plugin which
2> Awesome support by people who understand wordpress
3> Versioned backup
4> Offsite backups


Does it backup everything?

Yes. Every aspect of the wordpress site including database, plugins, files, themes, posts, comments, settings, widgets, plugins, and everything else in the WordPress database and directories. You can optionally include additional database tables or exclude directories.

Do you backup WordPress Multisite sites (WPMU)?


How often does the backup take place?

Automatic daily backups occur every day. The frequency can be changed.

Does it work with Windows?

Yes and equally well.

Can it backup large sites?

Yes, we can backup extremely large sites with 50 GB+ of data. Even very large databases re backed up perfectly.

For multisite installs(WPMU) which plan should I select?

We chanrge for every unique wordpress install and hence you are required to pay for only one site for the entire network of sites.

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